Donation Ambassadors

What are Donation Ambassadors?

Imagine yourself at a Broncos game, surrounded by a stadium packed to capacity with football fans. Every direction that you turn, you see rows and rows of people. If you are at Sports Authority Field, you might see over 76,000 fans. That’s slightly more than half of the 120,781 people that are currently waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant on the national waiting list. Some will receive their long awaited transplant from a living organ donor, while others will receive this precious gift through the generosity of a deceased donor.

The definition of an ambassador is “a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specific activity”. Hospital ambassadors have a key role in facilitating communication and providing education to their peers about the organ and tissue donation process. Lives depend on close collaboration between Donor Alliance and our hospital partners. We are so appreciative of the hospital healthcare teams who work tirelessly to save a patient’s life. When, in spite of those efforts, the patients do not recover we appreciate the care that they provide to the patient’s family through the end of life process. It’s at this moment that they can preserve donation opportunities for that family and partner with Donor Alliance so that we can compassionately share donation options.

If you are a hospital employee that works in a critical care area, please consider signing up for one of our Ambassador Training Workshops! This clinically-focused workshop is designed for ICU, OR, RT, and other health care providers interested in learning more about how they can collaborate with Donor Alliance to ensure an optimal organ and tissue donation process from family interactions through organ recovery. We will offer 6.0 Category 1 CEPTCs to participants, at no charge, and encourage you to participate in this informative and interactive day of learning.