Executive Leadership Team

Jennifer Prinz, Chief Executive Officer

Laura Jeffries, Chief Administrative Officer

Matthew Lovetro, Chief Financial Officer

Jenn Muriett, Chief Operating Officer

Paul Lange, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Leadership Team – Directors

Niki Titsworth, Director of Clinical Management

Kim Robuck, Director of Family Services

Jessica King, Director of Finance

Karan Collins, Director of Hospital Development

Dianna Deis, Director of Human Resources

Cassie Hertert, Director of Information Systems

Jay Ruterbories, Director of Organ Procurement

Grace Harcek, Director of Performance Excellence

Cheryl Talley, Director of PR/Communications

Lisa Watkins, Director of Quality Systems

Steve Mansfield, Director of Tissue Services

Leadership Team – Managers

Lindsey Wolman, Donor Services Manager

Serena Altamirano, Donor Services Manager

Sarah Snow, Employee Services Manager

Maria Veve, Family Services Manager

Katherine Orozco, Hospital Development Manager

Cali Caes, Human Resources Manager

Brian Lunde, Information Technology Manager

Chad Skurdahl, Learning & Development Manager

Ashley Caputo, Organ Recovery Specialist Manager

Leslie McMahon, Organ Recovery Manager

Lyndsey Condon, Organ Recovery Manager

Heather Burke, PR and Communcations Manager

Rod Gano, Quality Assurance Manager

Candace Klitzke, Tissue Recovery Manager

Kyle Antene, Tissue Recovery Manager

Brett Campbell, Transport and Logistics Manager